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123AmericanEnglish LLC is an English language academy registered in the city of Houston, State of Texas, which has been operating in the United States since 2016, beginning its educational services in 1998 on Margarita Island, Venezuela, offering special training for those students who participated in the cultural exchanges of the Rotary Club International and over time became a sponsor of educational projects and portals such as, and, being chaired by Prof. Juan Carlos Yanez. It has established strategic educational alliances with the javaclick platform for educational software programming, Cambridge publisher, American Streamline, for educational resources.

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Actualmente Nuestra Dirección: 20501 Katy freeway, suite 128A, Katy, TX 77450 

Our Commitment is that you think in ENGLISH

Our Objetive

  • Set short-term goals

  • Need to Speak the English Language

  • Acceptance of own mistakes and correct them

  • Practice what you have learned

  • Suppress any kind of negative belief you have about yourself to learn.

The objective of the Academy is to offer an English Course with a conversational focus from the first day of classes to speak the language in six continuous months of learning, practice and solving exercises with personalized attention, in small groups, no more than 10 people with a cognitive behavioral approach in each of the participants so that a clear commitment is established that the student is integrating into more than just a course, it is a change in behavior based on the following aspects: Assessment of their own thoughts



First of all, I thank God for coming to this beautiful academy, if I could give a serious rating of at least 100 stars! The learning is exceptional and I am a faithful believer that as a good Venezuelan I am the size of the commitment that is presented to me! It is time for all Latino immigrants to cheer up, sign up, and thus be able to learn the language that we need so much to achieve success in the country that has given us so many opportunities!


Libia Jemima Linarez

Stop by school, college, and the best cognitive behavioral method of learning a language regardless of your age, nationality, and interests is 123 American English. recommendable


Elena Martínez

This academy has a good way of teaching, its people are warm. I have felt very well both socially and academically. I have learned a lot, the classes are easy to understand, personalized, which helps learning because attention is given to everyone, solving doubts.


Yessica de Briceno

Speaking English in an excellent practical way ... recommended ... is more than a family ...


Claudia Morales

Excellent school, they have a different methodology of learning English, easy and fast


Jose Torres

Excellent friend and teacher, I recommend it to 100, if you want to speak English, enroll in their school so you can succeed in this country


Rosangel Medina

Excellent classes, excellent methodology. Attention in Spanish, flexible and adjustable schedules to each need.


Valeria Paola Rodríguez Rojas

I Love the academy, learn a lot of English, learn good English, the academy is very good, so I recommend you come if you want to learn English come to 123 America English


Carmen Landaeta

One of my aspirations is to learn to speak English through the enEmercaEnglish course with our teacher with extensive experience in English.


Gioconda Brun

The best place to learn English . I highly recommend it

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